Tackle Storage
Done Right

Our world has changed significantly in the past century, but tackle storage, on the other hand, has not. As we know, compartment style boxes have been the norm for as long as anyone can remember. Unfortunately, these style of boxes are designed to hold nails and screws as much as much as they are designed to hold tackle. Rather than securing or protecting your tackle they simply offer tangled hooks, damaged tackle, dull hooks, and chaos.
This ineffective method of tackle storage has long been the norm, but at Gruv Fishing, we’re here to change the norm. The old school tackle box simply doesn’t cut it anymore. As a fisherman, you want the very best tackle, and you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less when it comes to your tackle storage.
Using a patent pending, silicone anchoring technology licensed from Tacky Fly Fishing, we’re building the future of tackle storage. Our storage solutions effectively anchor, protect, and store your tackle, consequently making you more organized and efficient on the water.



Our History

The Start
Tackle box chaos

The Problem

Chipped paint, damaged baits, tangled and dull hooks. If it’s not that it’s simply not being able to find what you’re looking for when you need it most. We’ve all been there. That’s pretty much what you can expect when it comes to existing tackle storage, until Gruv Fishing. We were tired of our old tackle boxes and we set out to bring innovation to tackle storage.

We started Gruv in the winter of 2016. Utilizing a patented technology from Tacky Fly Fishing, we set out to change tackle storage completely. Our goal was to open people’s eyes to the possibility that they could actually have tackle storage that effectively protected, organized, and stored their tackle. You no longer had to settle with the tackle boxes that we’ve all grown so accustomed to. With the use of the patented silicone mechanisms we have been able to design, mold, shape and create silicone anchoring systems that are actually designed for your tackle. Pretty simple right? Tackle storage that’s designed for your tackle.


The Micro Jig Box

We went to work creating a vision for the future of tackle storage. With a broad understanding of what we wanted to do, the question then became where to start. Ultimately we determined that we would start somewhere familiar with proven technology, so we started with the first patented silicone anchoring system from Tacky Fly Fishing. That system has been used and proven in the fly fishing market for years. They launched their company and products in 2014, and with their award winning fly boxes they quickly became a leader in the industry. Their silicone anchoring systems took the market by storm, as it became clear that their material and designs were dramatically better than the typical foam solutions.

Knowing that smaller jigs are very similar to flies, we knew this system would be the perfect tackle storage solution for smaller jigs and hooks. The typical compartment style tackle box just wasn’t cutting it, nor were any of the foam style boxes. We designed and created the Micro Jig Box with a unique silicone mat designed to hold a very wide variety of smaller jigs and hooks. The Mirco Jig Box is the perfect solution for ice fishing, panfish, and crappie fishing. Taking into consideration the size and weights of the smaller jigs, and the spacing needed for optimum capacity, we designed the perfect tackle storage solution for all your smaller jigs.

Beta Program

Beta Program

In December of 2016, with our first samples of the Micro Jig Box in hand, we set out to get feedback from our future customers. To do this we created a Beta testing program and attended multiple Ice Fishing shows in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Our team of Beta testers to help put our Micro Jig Box to the test, and give us their feedback. Additionally, we solicited information about other tackle storage issues they experience and problems they would like to see solved.

The program was a huge success, and it was clear to see that there was a real need for improved tackles storage. We knew that we were on the right path. As we went to work designing our tackle storage solutions, the feedback provided with our Beta program has been instrumental in helping provide guidance and direction.

Beta Member Feedback

See what some of our beta testers had to say.

See Some Results of the Beta Program

Would recommend the Micro Jig Box
Rated the quality of the box to be very High quality
Found the box to be Innovative
Found the box protected their tackle well
TCIP Grant

TCIP Grant

As we traveled to the different shows throughout the ice fishing season we learned that we were on to something. It was very clear that there was real potential for innovation in the tackle storage market, and many agreed that we were heading in the right tradition. While we recognized the potential, we quickly realized that we needed additional capital to get things off the ground.

We determined there was a real need for additional capital, so we decided to apply for a grant from the State of Utah. After we found the Technology Commercialization Grant from the Governer’s Office of the State of Utah we began the application process. After months of the application process along with interviews and presentations, we were chosen as one of the 20 companies in the state of Utah to receive grant money for 2017. There were 183 applicants and because of the technology, innovation, and potential of Gruv Fishing and our upcoming product line, we were one of those select few to be awarded funding.




Companies Awarded

Our History Continued


Building Out a Product Line

With the feedback from our Beta team as well as feedback from many knowledgeable people in the industry we set out to determine what was needed next. Therefore we needed to understand what the most prominent tackle storage problems were that we needed to solve. Ultimately we determined that in addition to our Micro Jig Box, we needed to create a solution for larger jigs, hooks, and hard baits. Consequently that’s what we set out to do. With this approach we designed and built the Hard Bait Box and the Big Jig Box.

ICAST 2017

Our Real Introduction

We went to ICAST ready to show the world our vision for the future of tackle storage. With our three products, the Hard Bait Box, the Big Jig Box, and the Micro Jig box and we traveled to Orlando. It was three days of meeting with big big companies, many of the top bass fisherman in the world, and many very experienced and influential people. It was a great show! Most importantly we walked away confident that we were on to something big. People are itching for some innovation and some change in their tackle storage.

The Launch

The Launch

So, we left ICAST with some final tweaking and fine tuning to do, but after months of tweaking we were prepared to introduce our product line to the market. Consequently, on December 4th, 2017, the first three Gruv Fishing products were officially available online as well as through a select few outdoor retailers.